Action shot of LOWLA performing for Sofar Sessions. It was a great night and thanks to everybody who came down and supported us.

Feelin’ and lookin’ very 90’s.



Officially joined up with Brendan Cleary. We had our first rehearsal going over his set for his EP launch at the Spice of Life Cafe on 13th May 2016. He’s got some very special people arriving too. Can’t wait!

Love a good selfie…13000307_10154057690339707_1390807764303806745_n.jpg

Here’s my 1981 Series 1 all cleaned up and next to my Series 2 Balance K.

It’s amazing that there is 33 years between these two instruments yet the quality of both is the same. Alembic, you’re outstanding.



Saturday 27th February 2016

It was great performing with Emily Faye! 

Nice one guys! We nailed it! 

LED Alembic
Full band
Bass and Guitar