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My name is George Price.

I’m a Tech Music School graduate. I’m a professional musician specialising in Bass Guitar and the Chapman Stick. I’m skilled, versatile and experienced in playing and recording different styles of music. I am a groovy, tight bassist, enthusiastic and creative. I’m currently gigging both nationally and internationally with various bands.

I do session work for several London studios and can provide recordings for personal projects from my own professional studio.

Equipped with high quality instruments, gear and my skills, I make projects sound the best they can on the bass front.

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July 3rd – Supporting Felix Martin – The Black Heart – Camden

July 6th – Soul Power – Wedding

July 12th – Flumoxed Festival – Lyra

July 14th – FSA Fest – Emily Faye

July 27th – Fleur De Lis – Lethbridge Owen

August 10th – Spice of Life Cafe, Leicester Square – Lyra

August 11th – Lakefest – Aymee Weir

August 25th – The Shires – St Albans – Lethbridge Owen