So I’ve been searching for challenging songs and I think may have the pinnacle of challenging for the time being! The tune is by Tania Maria and it’s utterly ridiculous! Here’s an instagram video of me learning it!

P.s. Shout out to Alembic for making incredible instruments!


IT’S FINALLY HAPPENED! I HAVE CD’s! All original music, different range of styles, now I just need passersby to buy them off me!

Time to get playing and selling!

So I’ve been busy, busking and more busking and even more busking as well as the odd gig thrown in there too. I was surfing the web and I’ve found yet another busking video to share, hope you like it.

So out of pure curiosity, I youtube’d myself. I don’t do it often y’know but I thought I’d see if there was anything on there.

Well, I’ve found this. It’s an interview I did when I was busking in Kingston. Two uni students saw me and interviewed me for their course. Take a look! (Please excuse the rather…silly thumbnail).

Thanks guys for the interview, it’s really cool!