I just received my incredible ACS Pro26 custom plugs from ACS. Wow, these are nuts. Superior noise cancelling and comfortable! My ears will be safe!


I’ve recently been in touch with ACS about getting some professional ear plugs made! I took a trip to the hearing clinic to get my ear impressions done. It’s an odd feeling but knowing my ears will be safe is the main thing! I opened for ACS’s Pro26’s!

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Isnโ€™t it mental that all ears are different?! Here are my ears! I did a hearing test and itโ€™s turns out my hearing is perfect, letโ€™s keep it that way! โ€ข Iโ€™m getting some heavy duty ear plugs made with the help from @acscustom! โ€ข As a bass player who often stands close to cymbals and loud guitarists, itโ€™s crucial that I can I hear after my gigs! Stage 1 โ€˜impressionsโ€™ is complete, I look forward to receiving my plugs soon! โ€ข #hearing #impressions #bassplayer โ€ข P.s thanks to lovely staff at Boots Hearing and my audiologist Neda, for making it a dead easy process!!

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