I recorded a tiny clip of me jamming! I really like this tune at the moment! 

Deffo not a double bass tune BUT this bass is so wonderful, anything sounds great on it! 

I’ve been pretty busy this week, I’m doing a lot of gigging, rehearsing and busking.

I had a gig with Emily Faye on Saturday 4th March at the Tooting Tram and Social in London.

I took my Alembic Classico on its first ever gig with me and it was flipping awesome! I’ll never truly get over the fact I own such a masterpiece.

I suggest headphones when listening to this clip!

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Check out this rehearsal footage with Emily Faye! Pretty funny stuff…! This is our prep for our gig on March 4th at the Tooting Tram and Social in Tooting. We play at 9:45pm!


I’ve recorded a cool little snippet for instagram! I’m really getting into my upright bass groove and stride. Check out that awesome jacket too.

Here’s the jazz section in Sting’s tune, ‘An Englishman in New York’. It’s a banger.

I’m working on a few special things with my Alembic Classico! It’s such a magnificent piece of craftsmanship. I’m doing a lot of recording at the moment too! It’s all exciting stuff.

Check out this cool shot.

Here are some other pictures of the Classico, my dad is poking about in the electronics.


Never would I have thought I’d be the owner of an Alembic Classico electric upright bass but there you go. It’s honestly so magical and beautiful and I’ve not stopped playing it. I’ve got some videos on youtube to please check them out.

I hope to be gigging with it very soon, I’ll keep you posted. Time to get practicing anyway, yet another skill to learn…!