I know I post a lot of my stuff from instagram and I hope that’s okay! Plus, it’s my webpage so I’m allowed to…! ANYWAY!

I’m making great progress with my Chapman Stick…10 points if you can name the tune (without reading my comments)! The two handed simultaneous tapping is tricky business but I’ll get there…


There are some big things on the way! Bella McKendree is going to be recording an album and I’ll be laying down the bass. We had a long rehearsal on the weekend just gone and I have to say, this album will be great! She’s got some brand new tunes and we’re going to remaster and change up some old songs too! Can’t wait to show you!

My new Jazz trio, The Afternoon Project, has its first gig in London on Sunday 11th March. We’re playing a bar in Soho, Norman’s Coach and Horses (I’m so close to Ronnie’s, I think it’s the next street). We’re playing two sets and I’ll be using my NS Omnibass because it’s light and portable. It still gives that great upright bass sound. It’s fantastic. Here’s a photo from my rehearsal the other night.

One of the many dream teams!


I never once thought I’d be lucky enough to own one Alembic, let alone 4…?!

I don’t have a favourite and they are all tools for different jobs but let me say one thing, this 5 string just shakes the walls!!

This snap is from a rehearsal last night with a fairly new band that will get off the ground, I’m excited to see what’s going to happen!

My groove of the week is a little different but it’s still so damn funky! I recommend you check out Chapman Sticks because they are so versatile and super to play!

So I have another #grooveoftheweek out, it’s a CHILLED vibe! I really hope you like it! After last week (and deffo this week), I’m going to need to have a chill moment! I have loads of gigs coming up so check out my events page to see where and what I’m up to!

If you haven’t seen my #grooveoftheweek, you’re missing out! It’s so damn FUNKY,

My new Jazz trio – The Afternoon Project, went into the studio on Sunday to get a showreel of live jazz tunes recorded. What a day! Credit to these guys too, what wonderful musicians they are.