Check out the TRIPLE THREAT. I’m pretty sure Chris just played a very tasty lick and Marco is disgusted by it.

Thanks to Tim Russell for the excellent photo.

How do you like my new shirt?!



I’m just waiting on some stage photos from The United Kingdom’s gig at SURYA in Angel but I do have some soundcheck photos which just look awesome.

Credit – David Whayman Photography
Credit – David Whayman Photography



Well, Gorjys Secret Music Festival was perhaps one of the best festivals I’ve been to AND played at! The 6 hour drive from the heart of London to the heart of the Welsh highlands was TOTALLY worth it!

Check out this wicked shot of the band killin’ it on the Courtyard Stage!

Well, THREE gigs in a week with The Second Sons. The Groucho Club, MAD SESSIONS gig, the very moody Blues Kitchen and today, a Charity Fundraiser in Kettering! Just awesome! The band killed it everybody loved and wanted more and more encores!

What a jam packed week, check out the poster.


It’s festival time!! CHARLYN are playing Antidote Festival this Saturday 5th August. It’s going to be incredible! We’re on the flyer too!

I’ll be getting some cool GoPro footage so keep your eyes peeled.



Check out these wonderful photos of Emily Faye!

Could well be an album/EP cover…(hint hint)



The Second Sons rocked Paris and the gig was mega successful! We’ll be back soon!

Check out this fab photo!

Instagram – @instamiccia

We’ve got some big gigs coming up too!!

We’re busy rehearsing for the 7th May at the Borderline!

Don’t miss out on some great music from BOTA and everybody else performing!

Tube commuters seem to dislike musicians with lots of gear…!





Had a really great rehearsal with OLI LIVE prepping for our gig at the Aloft Excel in London on the 11th February. Check out my events page for more details.


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