I know I post a lot of my stuff from instagram and I hope that’s okay! Plus, it’s my webpage so I’m allowed to…! ANYWAY!

I’m making great progress with my Chapman Stick…10 points if you can name the tune (without reading my comments)! The two handed simultaneous tapping is tricky business but I’ll get there…


LOOK AT THIS EPIC PHOTO!! This was when I was shooting a music video with Emily Faye!

Thanks, Gill and Gee Media!


I’m playing at the AMAZING North End Road Autumn market tomorrow in Fulham before zipping off to Northampton to shoot a music video with Emily Hare.

Here’s the schedule if you’re interested!

I have some BRAND NEW tunes to try, never heard before ideas, it’s what’s called…busking…!


It’s a stick jam, all one take! I hope you like it!

OMB – On My Bass


OMB – One Man Band

Drums are by the Singular Sound BeatBuddy and I’m playing through 2 Zoom loopers, B3 and G3X!

On Saturday 26th May, I will be playing Hammersmith’s Spring Market AND I will be on the main stage at 1pm! Make sure you’re down to hear some chilled soulful vibes! I’ve been working on new material and this will be the perfect place to get it out there!

So the first of many Christmas markets went down a storm today, I had a super time performing at the one in Kingston! My cheesy renditions of ‘Walking in the Air’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ went down well and I’m now back in my studio working on a few more to keep those festive spirits high!

Here’s a cool snap and video of me in the zone!

Credit – Martyna Czapska Photography

On the 23rd September, I’m delighted to be playing Fulham’s North End Road Autumn Market! I play at 11am and I’ll be sending out progressive, chilled, funky vibes! I can’t wait!