I found a Spyro Gyra vinyl in the local charity shop, I took a gamble on it…anyway, what a great decision that was!! My latest groove of the week is inspired by one of their tunes, ‘Leticia’.

This groove is so catchy. I was going for an FKJ sort of vibe.

My groove of the week is a little different but it’s still so damn funky! I recommend you check out Chapman Sticks because they are so versatile and super to play!


I’m keeping up, getting my groove on, this time it’s on my Warwick Thumb Bass! I hope you like it!

So I have another #grooveoftheweek out, it’s a CHILLED vibe! I really hope you like it! After last week (and deffo this week), I’m going to need to have a chill moment! I have loads of gigs coming up so check out my events page to see where and what I’m up to!

If you haven’t seen my #grooveoftheweek, you’re missing out! It’s so damn FUNKY,

Here’s another one of my grooves!

Even after getting it down, it’s still in my head driving me mad!

It’s my #grooveoftheweek time! I’m already working on more ideas.