January has been exciting, which is wonderful but surprising. I’ve always assumed January is a rather slow month, but for me, it’s been full of gigs, work and releases.

I recorded on an album last year at RAK Studios London with the special Bella McKendree and she’s just dropped it! Please do check it out and support her! She’s unique and her music will take you places you’ve never been before! It’s a really great listening experience!

It’s amazing to think this is my FIRST album ever too! Super great to get my awesome Alembic recorded too! Maybe it’ll make history, who knows?!


Links to buy and stream are below!




I had a great, productive day with the producer and drummer of Charlyn! We’re on with recording our album now which will be out by December! Keep an eye out for more updates!

Here’s a time lapse of our setup for Charlyn’s EP launch party. It’s pretty great. Those lights look amazing.

Time lapse of our gig setup

Officially joined up with Brendan Cleary. We had our first rehearsal going over his set for his EP launch at the Spice of Life Cafe on 13th May 2016. He’s got some very special people arriving too. Can’t wait!

Love a good selfie…13000307_10154057690339707_1390807764303806745_n.jpg

Here’s my 1981 Series 1 all cleaned up and next to my Series 2 Balance K.

It’s amazing that there is 33 years between these two instruments yet the quality of both is the same. Alembic, you’re outstanding.



Good recording session today with my Alembic. Smashing out the deep bass tones for Charlyn’s EP.

Check out her twitter here!


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