WHAT A DAY! I had the most perfect time being on stage with the incredible Lethbridge Owen! We were very lucky to get a main stage slot and well, we had such a GREAT time! The sound on stage was perfect and it was a great size, lots of room! Check out my rig and some photos I’ve found! I will upload more when I get them!




I’ve also decided to a weekly feature of #grooveoftheweek for my instagram. Check out my groove for this week!

Stay groovy!

New addition to my bass family.

Meet the vintage 1981 Alembic Series 1 bass. It’s made out of Bubinga. Plays like an absolute dream. Next to it is my Alembic Series 2 Balance K bass, made out of Buckeye Burl.

Alembic Series 1 Bass – Down to the Nightclub by Tower of Power

Alembic Series 2 Bass – Portrait of Tracy by Jaco PastoriusΒ IMG_5959.JPG