If you haven’t seen my #grooveoftheweek, you’re missing out! It’s so damn FUNKY,


It’s my #grooveoftheweek time! I’m already working on more ideas.

Look at this vibey crowd shot from Emily Faye’s gig at The Half Moon, Putney! It’s such fun gigging with this lot! I always love using the Classico also, there’s really no bass like it!


At the moment, I’m working on some improv over a II-V-I in Gmaj.

I’m making good progress which is always positive! Here’s what I have so far!

Have a listen and a watch below!


My Alembic Classico has been featured on a bass guitar account on instagram! Check out those awesome pictures! What a cool start to the week!

So I’ve been searching for challenging songs and I think may have the pinnacle of challenging for the time being! The tune is by Tania Maria and it’s utterly ridiculous! Here’s an instagram video of me learning it!

P.s. Shout out to Alembic for making incredible instruments!


So I’ve been learning some cool stuff recently! This tune is Bali Run by Fourplay (cool name)!

It’s only a quick video and I’m in the process of learning note for note for a youtube cover! Stay tuned! Follow me on instagram for more stuff like this!


I recorded a tiny clip of me jamming! I really like this tune at the moment! 

Deffo not a double bass tune BUT this bass is so wonderful, anything sounds great on it!