Just some FUNK for your Thursday! I hope like it!


Lyra have been shooting a music video for the new tune S.T.A.Y which will be released soon. Here’s a somewhat candid photo, mid shoot of my bass and I! I’m eager to see the final cut, when I do, I’ll be sure to share it!


Super chilled, super funky, Just the way I like it! I’ve put a playlist together on my YT as well for those interested. My own personal groove library.


Here are some photos from Emily’s video shoot! I don’t think I’ve ever looked so country?!

HUGE thanks to Gill and Gee media for these!

Credit – Gill and Gee Media
Credit – Gill and Gee Media
Credit – Gill and Gee Media

So I’m heavily into funky grooves and bass lines at the moment, so check this out! Just a nice little jam over a Gm9 chord.

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