My groove of the week is a little different but it’s still so damn funky! I recommend you check out Chapman Sticks because they are so versatile and super to play!


I’ve been into the studio!! I laid down some grooving bass for The United Kingdom! We have two new records being mastered as I type and I can’t wait to share them with you. We recorded at Buffalo Studios in Limehouse…WHAT A PLACE!

Our photographer took some wicked snaps of myself playing a Hofner bass, a first for me! The bass sounds great and the tracks are superb! STAY TUNED!

Thanks to David Whayman for the snaps!



Here’s another one of my grooves!

Even after getting it down, it’s still in my head driving me mad!

I’ve also decided to a weekly feature of #grooveoftheweek for my instagram. Check out my groove for this week!

Stay groovy!

It’s the New Year, it’s January and I’ve already gigged, busked AND done some recording! It’s going to be a really interesting year! I’m EXCITED!

Yesterday I recorded bass for Bella McKendree at the super cool 123 Studios in Peckham! I can’t wait for the song to come out. It’s going to turn into something really special.

123 Studios

There’s never a wrong time or place for funk, especially on a double bass!! That T-Shirt is fairly cool too!

At the moment, I’m working on some improv over a II-V-I in Gmaj.

I’m making good progress which is always positive! Here’s what I have so far!

Have a listen and a watch below!


I’ve been focusing on my upright bass playing, y’know, gotta keep working! It’s a Jazz standard in 3/4 and I’m working on getting my walking technique fluid and clean.

Hope you like the video


So I’ve been learning some cool stuff recently! This tune is Bali Run by Fourplay (cool name)!

It’s only a quick video and I’m in the process of learning note for note for a youtube cover! Stay tuned! Follow me on instagram for more stuff like this!